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Sound Alibi is the production company of Andy Wood, an artist and filmmaker who works with moving image, photography and sound. He makes screen-dance work, documentaries and public projections. This work has been screened at international film festivals & conferences, in galleries, on public buildings and TV.



Dogs Land. Leeds. UK (Feb, 2012)
Trailer for Mad Dogs Dance Theatres visceral new show, choreographed by Douglas Thorpe.
Video trailer here
Beyond This (Music in Prisons) UK (Jan, 2012)
Collaboration between acclaimed composer Mark-Anthony Turnage and prisoners at HMP Lowdham Grange, forming part of the New Music 20x12 Cultural Olympiad celebrations Video trailer here

co[LAB]  Leeds, UK (Sept, 2011)
Documentary short of partnership project by the Quarry Hill Creates consortium, Leeds. This brought together an exciting mix of artists across art forms to take part in a three day interdisciplinary workshop facilitated by Wendy Houstoun. Video here

Hero.  Leeds, UK (April, 2011)
Screen adaptation of dance piece by choreographer Riccardo Meneghini exploring the epic, hero's and perceptions of male sexuality. Video trailer here
One Fall At A Time.  Rochdale, UK (November 2010)
Film commissioned by Stumble danceCircus forming part of Bipolar Ringmaster, a touring one-man theatre show. Video trailer here

Wallpaper Dancers.  Manchester, UK (August 2010)
Film commissioned by Turvey World Dance of multi-discipliniary performance at Whitworth Gallery.
Photos here Video clips here

Decreasing Infinity documentary.  Bradford, UK (May 2010)
Film commissioned by Balbir Singh Dance Company documenting the devising of their show Decreasing Infinity. Photo and preview in Guardian Guide here Video clips here
imove launch film.  Yorkshire, UK (March 2010)
Film commissioned for the launch of imove: Yorkshires's signature cultural programme to celebrate London 2012 Video clip here

Glimpse at Art In Unusual Places.  Leeds, UK (Jan 2010)
Projection of 30 second video-dance short onto Leeds city centre shop front as part of 'Short Shorts'
Video clip here

Flight on The Parkinson.  Leeds, UK (Oct 2009)
Large-scale outdoor projection of two atmospheric video-dance shorts onto the iconic Parkinson tower, Leeds University, as part of the Light Night Leeds 09 festival.   Video clip here

sheep image

Sheep at York Minster. York, UK (Aug 2009)
Screening of short film 'Sheep' on the altar of All Saints chapel in York Minster as part of the Minster Nights event.    Video clip here

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Gaze & Kaleidoscope on The Parkinson.  Leeds, UK (Oct 2008)
Large-scale outdoor projection on the Parkinson tower, Leeds University as part of the Light Night festival.    Video clip here
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Notte Nera.  Serra de Conti, Italy (Aug 2008)
Improvised, site-specific dance-film with Javier Cura and performers from the Notte Nera festival
Video here soon...

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Peter Punk.  Hattingen, Germany (June 2008)
Site-specific video projection for aerial dance performance
A co- production with Dance-Fields Productions in Germany.. Video clip here
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Newlyn Art Gallery. Cornwall, UK (Feb 2008)
Group show with Tango related artworks. Video clips here

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Lisa Nelson Choreovideo Lab. Brighton, UK (Nov 2007)
Hands on screen-dance laboratory with Lisa Nelson (USA) Video clip here

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Transit Improvisation Festival.  Istanbul, Turkey (June 2007)
Screen-dance project with international dancers and musicians including improvisation performance 'Layers' at Darphane-i Amire. Video here
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Planet Hope.  Hattingen, Germany (May 2007)
Large-scale, site-specific video projection for aerial dance performance
A co- production with Dance-Fields Productions in Germany. Video here

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Anecdote: An Urban Rescore.  Leeds, UK (March 2006)
Large scale video projection & sound-score installation on Temple Mill.
Part of the Secrets & Light series commissioned by the Culture Company (UK)

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Lucid Dreams.  Leeds, UK (Jan 2006)
Multi-screen video-dance installation, Phase 4 Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery, UK

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Zip 06 Improvisation Festival.  Orvieto, Italy (Oct 2006)
Live projection perfomance at international improvisation festival. Video here

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I Love West Leeds Festival . Leeds, UK (July 2006)
Large-scale projection onto gasometer at Armley Gyratory, Leeds, UK.