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2011 (edit)

 Screen adaptation exploring the epic, hero's and perceptions of male sexuality

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 Three's A Crowd
   2007  4:48

 Improvised, single-take with
  moving camera

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 It Takes Two
  2007  5:06

Two dancers try to connect

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 The Unforgiving Minute
  2006  6:08

 Four bodies swirl in light

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  2006   3:40

 A lone Tango dancer goes
  walking in the hills

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  2006  11:43

 A day out at the seaside
  (Place Prize final 2006)

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 East To East

 Pink lycra and haircuts in NYC

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 Deep Water
  2002  2:58

 Screen dance animation

Sound Alibi is the production company of Andy Wood, an artist filmmaker who works with video, photography & sound.