It Takes Two...

Two dancers desperate to connect, can’t quite reach each other. This short explores a complex dialogue of presence and absence, movement and stillness, as the camera dances within the action, a third-party in their precariously balanced narrative.

Performers: Gaby Koch & Francesco Schiano
Hattingen, Germany
Music: Iwan Harlan

International screenings:

  • Kinesthetic Empathy Conference, Manchester University, UK (April 10)
  • Involuntary Dances, Bradford Playhouse, UK (Dec 09)
  • Under The Stars, Leeds Met Uni, UK (Dec 08)
  • BBC Big Screen, Bradford, UK (April 08)
  • BBC Big Screen, Leeds, UK (March, July 08)
  • Park Rd Pilot, London, UK (March 08)
  • Montage festival, Johannesburg, South Africa (Feb 08)
  • Xtend:Dance for Camera, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Braknell, UK (Feb 08)
  • Microdance, Oslo, Norway (Sept 07)
  • Planet Hope, Hattingen, Germany (June 07)