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It takes two to Tango… usually. Shot at three iconic Yorkshire locations a lone Tango dancer negotiates a range of outdoor terrain and destroys her treasured shoes on the way. Exchanging the milongas of Buenos Aires for the countryside of Yorkshire this short presents an incongruous Point Of View.


International screenings:

  • Voyeur, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, UK (Dec 09)
  • Involuntary Dances, Bradford Playhouse, UK (Dec 09)
  • The Parkinson Tower (outdoor projection), Light Night Leeds, UK (Oct 08)
  • The Olympus Project, Olympus coast, Greece (Aug 08)
  • Hebden Bridge Fringe Festival, outdoor projection event, UK (July 08)
  • Buenos Aires Social Club, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall, UK (Feb 08)
  • Worthing Film Club Launch, Dome Cinema, West Sussex, UK (Oct 07)
  • Transit>Istanbul Improvisation Festival, Turkey (July 07)
  • Testbed 5, Leeds Met Gallery, Yorkshire, UK (July 07)
  • Moves 07, Film Festival, Manchester, UK (Jun 07)
  • VideoDance2007 Thessaloniki Film Festival, Athens, Greece (May 07)
  • Shortfringe (shop-front projection) at Leeds Art Fair, UK (May 07)
  • CIFF07- International Film Festival of Cyprus (April 07)
  • Xtend:Dance for Camera, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Braknell, UK (Feb 07)
  • Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov 06)
  • Park Road Pilot, interdisciplinary arts event, London, UK (Nov 06)
  • Big Screen, Millennium Square, Leeds, UK (July 06)
  • Armley gyratory gasometer projection, Leeds, UK (July 06)
  • Open Source video-dance symposium, Findhorn, UK (June 06)
  • British Dance Edition 06, Yorkshire Dance Centre, UK (Feb 06)
Parkinson image
Xtend Big ScreenLeeds Short Fringe
Bar, Xtend:Dance for Camera, Braknell Big Screen, Millennium Square, Leeds Shopfront, Shortfringe, Leeds Art Fair
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newlyn image 2
newlyn image
Armley Gyratory gasometer, Leeds Private booth, Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall